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Simone Schuil

Born in Holland on July 6th 1972, Simone Schuil grew up in a small village, Diever, in the north of the Netherlands, until the age of 15 together with her dad and brother. Although young, it was time to move to the big city as she felt there should be more in this world than the regional European lifestyle. And so began her passion for travel.

Simone-Award-100 mtr dive cave on MKVI
Simone-Award-100 mtr dive cave on MKVI

At the age of 17 she travelled to Fiss, Austria and became a Ski Instructor for 2 years. Moving back to her home in Holland she travelled and had several different odd jobs before settling into her career in the TV industry in 1998 as a producer. After a few years she was asked to start working for the international department of the company and moved to Rome for 6 months. When the project ended, her wanderlust continued rather than return home and so it was time to move a little further in 2003. Thailand.


As with a lot of people that travel to Thailand for the first time, she attracted like a magnet to the dramatic lush scenery of the country and relaxed live style of a being a dive instructor but with a travellers budget she returned home, saved some money to fulfil her dream and returned to Thailand in June 2003. After becoming a dive instructor in 2004 she moved to Fiji briefly before travelling onto Grand Cayman and stayed here for a few years.

But, Thailand was calling again so she went back, well at least tried to. After a few months she was contacted by one of her old TV colleagues and was invited to work in Kuala Lumpur back into her old job from the year 2005. Traveling up and down between Holland and Malaysia Simone again went back to Thailand for a brief holiday. No it is 2008 and this was the moment she met Ben Reymenants. A few months later the Malaysian project ended and there were 2 choices, back to Holland or move to Phuket with Ben….guess you know which one she made.

She is now a Free diver level 1, Tec Instructor, Full Cave Diver, Advanced Trimix and Megalodon and Poseidon CCR Diver and was running Blue label Diving together with Ben. The first female to complete a 100m cave dive using the MK VI Discovery 🙂

Covid has changed a lot of lives including hers. Now merged with Sea Bees Diving she remains the marketing and booking agent for Sea Bees Tec ft Blue Label Diving. 


Simone Reymenants
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