Advanced trimix course in Song Hong in August 2015

Two years in the making, buddy team Jeremiah and Kheng-Yew accomplished their goal of reaching 100m during their Advanced Trimix in Song Hong cave system Thailand. They initially met up during their full cave course with us in Thailand, years earlier. From one course came another and a handful of BlueLabel instructors later, they found themselves graduating from the Extended Range and Advanced Trimix course. Putting their marker on the line of fame down in the voids of Song Hong.

The 100 meter dive during the advanced trimix course at Blue Label Diving is always held in Song Hong lake (not the cave inside the lake) as we can get the depth down here. These 2 divers were already full cave certified which is very useful for this course as well. Unfortunately in Thailand there are no “regular” dive sites on which we can find 100 meters depth. If you are interested in doing this course and you would like to do it with Blue Label, it would be a good thing to have at least a cavern ticket. The lake itself is what you will be diving in and is officially not a cave. There is overhang though and this is why we prefer it if divers have a cave ticket.

advanced trimix course song hong thailand cave
advanced trimix course song hong thailand cave
descend song hong
Diver descend song hong
gas blending
Diver gas blending
stage decompression
Diver in cave stage decompression
surface preparation
Diver prep at surface
trimix diver
trimix diver at surface