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Rebreather Components – DSV & BOV

Rebreather Component 5: The DSV The DSV stands for Diver Supply Valve and in simple terms is the mouthpiece for the loop. There will always be some sort of lever that opens the mouthpiece to the loop (on closed circuit) and shuts it again to prevent water leaking into the unit as part of all […]

Rebreather Components – Scrubber & Loop

Rebreather Component 3: Scrubber Canister The byproduct of our breathing is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a poisonous gas that in high concentrations can cause unconsciousness and even death. In a closed breathing loop the removal of CO2 is very important. The scrubber is therefore also one of the key rebreather components in any […]

Rebreather Components – Oxygen & Diluent Tanks

Rebreather Component 1: Oxygen Tank Oxygen is needed for any form of life on this planet, so it is no wonder that it ranks as one of the first rebreather components. An oxygen clean tank is located on the right side of the rebreather. The amount of pure oxygen in the tank depends on the […]

Rebreather Components Introduction

What are the basic rebreather components needed to create a system in which you can breathe recycled air? Understanding the basic parts of a rebreather takes the mystery out of how the system works. Here we focus on the rebreather components common to almost all modern-day rebreathers. By dissecting a rebreather you can discover just how easy […]

Deep trimix dive to 100m in Bunaken on New Years Eve

Out in Indonesia, two divers decided to make the last day of 2013 extremely special to finish the year out with a bang. Gerard, a TDI Advanced Trimix diver from France, accompanied Sandy, one of Blue Label Diving Indonesia’s tec instructors, on a deep trimix dive to 100m in Bunaken on New Years Eve. The […]

Get married the tec way at 130m deep – how deep is your love?

TEC Instructors Hiro and Sandy are tekkies in Blue Label Diving Indonesia and are based in Bunaken, Indonesia. They are a technical diving duo and provide technical dive training and dives on sidemount, twinsets and rebreathers. They began technical diving in 2009 on rebreathers and open circuit, and then made the switch to teaching tec […]

Technical Dive Equipment

Technical Dive Equipment 101 So you have signed up for your technical dive training, booked your flights and reserved your hotel, but there is still one thing missing – your gear. What do you pack? Can your recreational dive kit double as technical dive equipment? Is your snorkel going to make the trip with you? […]