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Sidemount Diving Benefits

Sidemount Diving Benefits – A New Age for Diving Sidemount diving benefits. Sidmeount is evolving into the super model of the dive configuration world – sexy and sleek, versatile and comfortable, and easy yet safe. Moreover, its total cool factor and potential for awesome conversation starters potentially are quickly driving it into the diving spotlight. A closer […]

Cave Diving in Khao Sok Thailand

Cave Diving in Thailand? Thailand is not the first place most cave divers think of when they hear the words cave diving, but surprisingly this country offers several different types of underwater caves to challenge divers. Chiew Lan Lake in Khao Sok National Park is undoubtedly one of the most interesting and beautiful destinations for cave […]

Advanced Sidemount

Taking the Next Step in Sidemount – Advanced Sidemount As sidemount diving picks up in the world of recreational diving, more and more sidemount divers are looking for a way to move on with advanced sidemount. Just as the open water course has its natural progression into advanced open water, so do sidemount divers need […]

Diver Medic Technician

What is a Diver Medic Technician? A hyperbaric chambers is trained to help patients in need of life support after dive-related or marine accidents. They can give the same pre-hospital medical care as land-based EMTs as well as taking care of diving injuries. DMTs also assist medical professionals in decompression illness. Their role is critical in […]