Indonesia tec update, week 12

Having arrived and celebrated my arrival it was time to get down, dirty and wet with Maria from Sweden. Don’t get too carried away now there, we’re talking about PADI tec sidemount course still. Repetitive skill drills produce mastery and along with some “stressful” situations Maria was on top of her game throughout the whole […]

Diver Medic Technician

What is a Diver Medic Technician? A hyperbaric chambers is trained to help patients in need of life support after dive-related or marine accidents. They can give the same pre-hospital medical care as land-based EMTs as well as taking care of diving injuries. DMTs also assist medical professionals in decompression illness. Their role is critical in […]

What is in your scrubber canister?

To start off, just couple of quick words to refresh the little gray cells about how things happen in the nature. Imagine standing in the middle of a forest and breathing in. This very easy sounding activity triggers a very complex chain reaction. Part of the oxygen in the gas you inhale (78% nitrogen, 20,9% […]

Recreational Rebreather Diving

Recreational Rebreather Diving Do you think diving is boring? Come on, seriously? Just close your eyes for a minute and imagine yourself on an underwater scooter cruising for hours together with manta rays, turtles and sharks along beautiful colourful long reefs. Or imagine exploring caves and wrecks. That just can’t be boring.  Indeed, there is […]

Side Mount Diving

Side mount Welcome to a new era in diving. In the last year we have seen a tremendous increase towards the demand in side mount diving. Were side mount has been deployed in cave diving as early as the 1950’s, it wasn’t until some famous cave divers in Florida and Mexico posted their underwater ballet […]