Exciting news for Blue Label Diving

Blue Label Diving has some exciting news

Blue Label Diving and Seabees are teaming up from July 1st 2021.

We are teaming up with Seabees diving, we bring you  “Seabees Tec featuring Blue Label Diving” bringing together these two companies will widen the possibilities for technical divers by creating one of the largest technical diving centers in South East Asia.

Blue Label Diving (‘BLD’) and Seabees Diving  (‘SBD’), are delighted to announce this joint venture which will further expand their long-standing professional relationship,  with the aim of strengthening their combined resources to deliver highest standard of technical diving courses, and to increase the technical diving market opportunities in Thailand and SEA.

      “The joint venture will leverage the reputable award winning SBD’s German punctuality and standards for recreational diving, diving boats, Liveaboard, dive center, accommodation and pool and with BLD’s reputable teaching tech diving standards, tech equipment and highly experienced tech instructors.  We are very excited about this venture “, said Ben Reymenants of BLD.
     “Together, we offer divers a complete dive center focused approach that understands the start to end diver process, continuing education, accommodation needs, diving boat needs, teaching standards, sales, how to target a bigger market and deploy targeted marketing campaigns to reach a larger group of  technical divers”, said Holger Schwab of SBD.

“I am very excited by this joint venture with Seabees. We can finally offer our customers an all in one dive center experience. This is something I have always wanted. Together we have the experience to teach each level of diving, give high standard diver safety, have high standard diving boats and Liveaboards, offer excellent accommodation and high quality service for either diving courses or fun divers.  I am looking forward to a new challenge and fresh start”, said Simone Schuil of BLD. 

Blue Label Diving and Seabees teaming up July 1st 2021 means we now can offer technical divers worldwide, the opportunity to have an all-in-one dive centre in Thailand that covers each aspect of diving from fun diving to open water courses, from intro to tec to cave diving courses and from dive master training to rebreathers and for fun divers day trips and liveaboards.

A center that gives you a complete service from airport transfers, to accommodation which is right by the pier, with pool and restaurants on site and within walking distance,  our own diving boats and Liveaboard, high standards of technical diving equipment and the best technical and famous dive instructors that you can find in SEA. 

Ben Reymenants will keep on being the technical diving training director but will be located in Europe and will come to Phuket to do special workshops 3 times per year at Seabees Tec. 

Klaus Klaeden and Claus Rasmussen will keep on being the excellent technical full time diving instructors to get it back up and running after the COVID period. Our aim is to hire more technical diving instructors to grow Seabees Tec.

Simone Schuil will continuing being the sole booking agent for Seabees Tec featuring Blue Label Diving on both websites. 

Seabees Diving will get a few new website pages with Seabees Tec and the Blue Label Diving website will be adding Seabees Tec logo next to its own. 

Blue Label Diving will be moving into the Seabees Diving location between July 1st and July 31st 2021 at Chalong Pier Road. The official start date of the joint venture is from Aug 1st 2021 and it will be called “Seabees Tec featuring Blue Label Diving”.

new location blue label diving

You can now book recreational diving, liveaboard trips, bungalow bookings and of course all tech diving bookings through Simone.

For questions and booking:
Whatsapp +66884509508