Lalitphat Phannithi a Blue Label Diving Instructor

“Live is always a mission”. – Lalitphat Phannithi

Phat instructor Blue Label Diving

Born and raised in the metropolitan that is Bangkok, Lalitphat or otherwise known as Phat took up diving as a practical goal for his path as a Marine Science student. Phat will spend an equal amount of time in his scuba wetsuit as his lab coat, to collect water samples for researches.

Upon graduation, Phat applied and spent 2 years in a job for an environment consultant company, covering the south and east coastline of Thailand. During certain assignments, he is required to dive solo, a risky practice only for the elite few to do so safely. His team collected the seawater sampling almost cover all the coastline of south of Thailand and east coast for government EIA project. 

Knowing that a recreational diving background could not support him fully on the task at hand, he sought and found Kru Por (a.k.a Parasu Komoradat) – a prestigious cave and tech diving instructor trainer based in Bangkok.

From 2009, under the guidance of Kru Por, also one of Blue Label Diving their instructor trainers for SSI and TDI, Phat learned with a vengeance, picking up different diving methods such as Sidemount diving and decompression procedures. He eventually decided to devote himself as a Scuba diving instructor, and to walk the path of a technical diver. He is now devoted in the art of cave diving, hoping to explore uncharted subterranean territories, and whatever creatures that lurked within.

SSI Instructor and tech diver

Phat is now a valuable member of the Blue Label technical dive team, being the archive of marine scientific knowledge, while is also a superb equipment technician.

Phat, since he joined the team in July 2016, is now Advanced gas blender, TDI Full Cave Diver, Extended Range diver and working towards becoming a tech instructor and CCR diver.

Phat loves taking people diving and show them the underwater world here in Phuket. No matter if you are a Discover Scuba diver or a fully certified tech diver. The more he is on the boat, the better Phat is doing.  

He is a funny guy with a very dry sense of humor. We are lucky to have him on board!