Por Parasu Komaradat
Por Parasu Komaradat

Por grew up in Bangkok but spent over twelve years in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. He started diving in 1993 when he was attending Washington State University where he studied in mathematics. Before he became a full-time dive instructor, he had worked in software development for more than ten years.

He describes himself as a cave explorer and always tries to map the new underwater caves in Thailand. His interest in speleology and cave diving started when he was doing a geographical survey project which he got chances to visit several spectacular geological sites around Thailand.

Instructor Rating

SSI Instructor Trainer

TDI Instructor/Instructor Trainer

PADI Master Instructor/Tec Deep Instructor

BSAC Advanced Instructor / Instructor Trainer

SDI Instructor Trainer

ANDI Cave Explorer Instructor

EFR Instructor Trainer

Por Joined Blue Label Diving since April 2014.