Ralf Wagnersen – Blue Label Diving Instructor

Ralf have been diving since 2001 where he did his Open Water Course in the murky cold waters of Denmark.

Ralf Wagnersen on Meg in France

In 2008 Ralf became a PADI Open Water Instructor. Since then, and many dives later, Ralf is currently a PADI MSDT, SSI Divemaster Instructor, SSI TXR Instructor and TDI Technical Instructor. On the diver level, the highest certification Ralf holds is the Advanced Trimix CCR Cave Diver on the ISC Megalodon

In 2012 Ralf did his first technical course on the JJCCR and later in 2014 he found what would later become his big passion when he did his cave diving course with Blue Label Diving.

So far Ralf Wagnersen has been diving all the local caves around Krabi, a couple of caves in France and is planning to go diving in the mines of Finland and the caves of Russia in the near future. And on his bucket list the caves of: Budapest, Florida and Mexico, and the wrecks of Chuuk Lagoon.

During one of his surface intervals Ralf managed to get a degree in Technological Management & Marine Engineering. In 2011 the company he was working for stationed him in Bangkok, Thailand as a Technical Support & Commissioning Engineer for the costumers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Ralf – far right – CCR ADV Trimix

After having traveled all over the world, Ralf resigned his job in January 2015 and chose to follow his passion for diving by doing an internship at Blue Label Diving. After he finished his internship Ralf set up his own engineering consulting company, but managed to be still based in Phuket.

When Ralf is not traveling the world as an engineering consultant, he is helping out at Blue Label Diving as an Instructor and the Blue Label in-house engineer, taking care of all from broken light bulbs to service of equipment.

Last mission was setting up the Airbank in the shop together with Ben, Phat and Claus.