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CCR Cave Training Course Thailand

CCR Cave Course Phuket

CCR Cave Training Course Thailand CCR cave training courses are one of the most popular courses at Blue Label Diving. This is because Ben Reymenants is one of the only instructors world wide that is able to conduct these courses in Thailand. There are 4 levels for CCR cave. Caver CCR, Intro to Cave CCR, Full […]


JJ CCR CE Approval And there it is , the long awaited CE approval for the – quite famous – by now, JJ CCR. The guys at JJ-CCR in Denmark didn’t have an easy time; caught in transitions of European Norm Codes and testing personell turnover, they went to the bottom of the bureaucratic CE […]

Megalodon vs JJ CCR

Megalodon vs JJ CCR Having taught the ISC Megalodon CCR for a number of years, I recently added the JJ-ccr to my teaching curriculum. It wasn’t for long until at least a dozen fellow divers would PM me asking what the best rebreather was. This posed to be one of the hardest questions I’ve been […]

Technical Diving Courses Thailand Review

We had 2 awesome reviews from Jeff and Jan. They have just finished CCR Cave course with Ben. The wrote 2 Technical Diving Courses Thailand Review about their CCR Cave Course and CCR Cave Trimix courses in Thailand with us in June 2014. Thanks again! Professional instruction from one of the best Blue Label Diving absolutely […]

Rebreather diving Taiwan

Rebreather Diving in Kaohsiung / Kenting Taiwan. Ben Reymenants just came back from 2 weeks of Diving in Taiwan. He was invited by a group of technical Divers that all had different rebreathers. The diving in Taiwan takes place in the South of Taiwan nearby Kaohsiung. The dive center there has all the facilities, as […]

Dive Rite O2ptima 2014 Review

by Daren Marshall Dive Rite O2ptima 2014 Review The Dive Rite O2ptima CCR has been around for a decade and is very well established. As you would expect from a progressive company of actual divers that constantly tweak products according to their own real diving experiences & customer feedback, the O2ptima has had its fair […]

Rebreather Components – DSV & BOV

Rebreather Component 5: The DSV The DSV stands for Diver Supply Valve and in simple terms is the mouthpiece for the loop. There will always be some sort of lever that opens the mouthpiece to the loop (on closed circuit) and shuts it again to prevent water leaking into the unit as part of all […]

Rebreather Components – Scrubber & Loop

Rebreather Component 3: Scrubber Canister The byproduct of our breathing is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a poisonous gas that in high concentrations can cause unconsciousness and even death. In a closed breathing loop the removal of CO2 is very important. The scrubber is therefore also one of the key rebreather components in any […]

Rebreather Components – Oxygen & Diluent Tanks

Rebreather Component 1: Oxygen Tank Oxygen is needed for any form of life on this planet, so it is no wonder that it ranks as one of the first rebreather components. An oxygen clean tank is located on the right side of the rebreather. The amount of pure oxygen in the tank depends on the […]