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Rebreather Components Introduction

What are the basic rebreather components needed to create a system in which you can breathe recycled air? Understanding the basic parts of a rebreather takes the mystery out of how the system works. Here we focus on the rebreather components common to almost all modern-day rebreathers. By dissecting a rebreather you can discover just how easy […]

Hollis Explorer review – A Real World take

A real world take – Hollis Explorer Review by Daren Marshall. In the late 1990’s I taught the Draeger Dolphin semi closed rebreather. So I was very excited to be able to finally take the TDI Hollis Explorer Diver Course and see how a semi closed hybrid system might bridge the gap between that old technology […]

Deep Cave Dive

Deep Cave Dive by Ben Reymenants 2nd January 2014 Song Hong Cave Thailand There’s a certain feeling that arises when tying into the end of a deep cave line.  As you are laying new line in virgin cave, there’s this unmistakable burst of adrenaline being injected into your system. You can feel your heartbeat, your […]

Which Rebreather ?

WHICH REBREATHER?… Which Rebreather is a question that I’m asked at least once a week from potential new rebreather students looking to take the step into the silent world. A question that I’ve asked myself numerous times over the years and led to the serial owning of enough different units to make a bank manager […]

Start of the MKVI 60 meter course

Today, the last day of the year the boys have started with their MKVI 60 meter course. But first to finish the Air Dil and Air Diluent Deco Course EXAm whoahahahhaahaha…… Here are a few pics of today!    

What is in your scrubber canister?

To start off, just couple of quick words to refresh the little gray cells about how things happen in the nature. Imagine standing in the middle of a forest and breathing in. This very easy sounding activity triggers a very complex chain reaction. Part of the oxygen in the gas you inhale (78% nitrogen, 20,9% […]