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Dive Rite Nomad LT Extreme Reviewed

By Daren Marshall Dive Rite were the guys first to come up with the commercial sidemount system and it’s CEO Lamar Hires has a strong history and influence of the development of sidemount as a concept. This year saw the introduction of a new rig to the Dive Rite stable, the Dive Rite nomad lt extreme […]

Hollis Explorer review – A Real World take

A real world take – Hollis Explorer Review by Daren Marshall. In the late 1990’s I taught the Draeger Dolphin semi closed rebreather. So I was very excited to be able to finally take the TDI Hollis Explorer Diver Course and see how a semi closed hybrid system might bridge the gap between that old technology […]

Octomask Review

Octomask Review Go Pro Camera The Octomask is a new gizmo on the diving scene. With the new rage about gopro’s and other ‘palmheld’ camera’s, Octomask cleverly jumped in and introduced the diving mask-mounted camera. The idea seems simple enough; mount a small camera on a mask. This has been done a few times in […]