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Dive Rite Nomad LT Extreme Reviewed

By Daren Marshall Dive Rite were the guys first to come up with the commercial sidemount system and it’s CEO Lamar Hires has a strong history and influence of the development of sidemount as a concept. This year saw the introduction of a new rig to the Dive Rite stable, the Dive Rite nomad lt extreme […]

Deep Cave Dive

Deep Cave Dive by Ben Reymenants 2nd January 2014 Song Hong Cave Thailand There’s a certain feeling that arises when tying into the end of a deep cave line.  As you are laying new line in virgin cave, there’s this unmistakable burst of adrenaline being injected into your system. You can feel your heartbeat, your […]

Technical Dive Equipment

Technical Dive Equipment 101 So you have signed up for your technical dive training, booked your flights and reserved your hotel, but there is still one thing missing – your gear. What do you pack? Can your recreational dive kit double as technical dive equipment? Is your snorkel going to make the trip with you? […]

Sidemount Diving Benefits

Sidemount Diving Benefits – A New Age for Diving Sidemount diving benefits. Sidmeount is evolving into the super model of the dive configuration world – sexy and sleek, versatile and comfortable, and easy yet safe. Moreover, its total cool factor and potential for awesome conversation starters potentially are quickly driving it into the diving spotlight. A closer […]

Sidemount Rigging

Sidemount Diving Equipment – Rigging Our twinsets slowly but surely are getting dusty or are converted to single tanks with left and right valves. We just certified our 50th sidemount diver and decided to go and test what the manufacturers throw on the market these days. We found 3 schools of sidemount rigging configuration; the […]

Advanced Sidemount

Taking the Next Step in Sidemount – Advanced Sidemount As sidemount diving picks up in the world of recreational diving, more and more sidemount divers are looking for a way to move on with advanced sidemount. Just as the open water course has its natural progression into advanced open water, so do sidemount divers need […]