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Rebreather Components – DSV & BOV

Rebreather Component 5: The DSV The DSV stands for Diver Supply Valve and in simple terms is the mouthpiece for the loop. There will always be some sort of lever that opens the mouthpiece to the loop (on closed circuit) and shuts it again to prevent water leaking into the unit as part of all […]

Rebreather Components – Scrubber & Loop

Rebreather Component 3: Scrubber Canister The byproduct of our breathing is carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a poisonous gas that in high concentrations can cause unconsciousness and even death. In a closed breathing loop the removal of CO2 is very important. The scrubber is therefore also one of the key rebreather components in any […]

Rebreather Components – Oxygen & Diluent Tanks

Rebreather Component 1: Oxygen Tank Oxygen is needed for any form of life on this planet, so it is no wonder that it ranks as one of the first rebreather components. An oxygen clean tank is located on the right side of the rebreather. The amount of pure oxygen in the tank depends on the […]

TDI CCR Trimix

TDI CCR Trimix 100 meters and CCR Trimix Cave Another very successful advanced trimix course with Daren, Nathan and Ross.  They had a few days of diving in Phuket and after that the deep cave of Song Hong. They all 3 have now TDI CCR Cave trimix level, TDI Advanced trimix ccr level and are a […]

Diving in Phuket Season

Diving in Phuket Season is possible 365 days a year. Although some people are talking about high and low season, the boats here always go out unless the waves are 3 meters high which might be 6 days through out the whole year. The coolest is December-February period ,where you can even reach outside temperatures […]

Deep Cave Dive

Deep Cave Dive by Ben Reymenants 2nd January 2014 Song Hong Cave Thailand There’s a certain feeling that arises when tying into the end of a deep cave line.  As you are laying new line in virgin cave, there’s this unmistakable burst of adrenaline being injected into your system. You can feel your heartbeat, your […]

Start of the MKVI 60 meter course

Today, the last day of the year the boys have started with their MKVI 60 meter course. But first to finish the Air Dil and Air Diluent Deco Course EXAm whoahahahhaahaha…… Here are a few pics of today!    

Cave Diving Habitat

This year Blue label Diving installed the cave diving habitat in Song Hong Lake for the deeper dives up to 155 meters. The steel wires go down to 21 mtrs then come up to a platform at 12 mtr, 9 mtr and the habitat between 7 and 6 mtrs. 100m ccr cave dives in Song […]


Yet another successful ccr cave diver training week with Ross Bedggood, Chris Carbery and Daren Marshall. Full marks for all of you… The Blue Label Diving CCR Cave program is a unique and dynamic course, including 3 levels, comparable to Open Circuit Cavern Diver, Intro to Cave and Full cave diver. Candidates learn intricate bail […]

CCR Cave Course September 2013

This morning at 8am Ben, Chris, Ross and Daren (our Brisbane business partner) have left for the CCR Cave course. The first leg of the journey will be held in Khao Sok National Park for the Level 1 and Level 2 part of the CCR Cave course. Chris is diving on the Inspiration and the […]