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AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix

CCR AP Inspo course

AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix Course in Phuket Ben Reymenants has just finished the IART AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix course with Michael M down here in Phuket. Michael is from Melbourne Australia and has dived the unit for over a year now and is Advanced Wreck diver. The IART AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix course […]

Advanced Trimix Thailand

Advanced trimix course in Song Hong in August 2015 Two years in the making, buddy team Jeremiah and Kheng-Yew accomplished their goal of reaching 100m during their Advanced Trimix in Song Hong cave system Thailand. They initially met up during their full cave course with us in Thailand, years earlier. From one course came another and […]

Rebreather Cave Course and CCR Cave Trimix

restriction evolution ccr cave

End of a 10 day rebreather cave course and ccr cave trimix course. Challenged by rain and tropical heat, candidates Dimitri and Steve absorbed the tasks and stress loading posed by different cave systems. Ranging from small dark dirty spaces to wide open, clear water, decorated halls. The first part of the venue was passed […]

Mixed gas diving

JJ Rebreather CCR

As Blue Label Diving finishes its’ fifth season, we packed again two full trucks of equipment and together with a couple of avid mixed gas divers headed for Song Hong Sinkhole in the South of Thailand. 6 days of gradually deeper trimix mixed gas diving whilst staying at the newly built Buri Lampla resort, a […]

Technical Diving Courses Thailand Review

We had 2 awesome reviews from Jeff and Jan. They have just finished CCR Cave course with Ben. The wrote 2 Technical Diving Courses Thailand Review about their CCR Cave Course and CCR Cave Trimix courses in Thailand with us in June 2014. Thanks again! Professional instruction from one of the best Blue Label Diving absolutely […]

Mixed Gas Technical Diving Thailand

Technical Diving course in Phuket and Song Hong Feb 2014 The end has come to a week of mixed gas course in Thailand. Fiona Sharp, a hyperbaric physician, buddied up with Cameron Rogers, one of our interns to take their freshly learned trimix open water skills to the caves of song hong to see how hand signals […]

Hypoxia and Hyperoxia

About Hypoxia and Hyperoxia. The Differences and causes. These word might be new to the recreational diver that softly ventures into the magic of using nitrox, familiar to the seasoned technical diver, but as a matter of fact, these words are centuries old. The words Hyp- and Hyper- are from the latin ‘too little’ and […]

Deep Cave Dive

Deep Cave Dive by Ben Reymenants 2nd January 2014 Song Hong Cave Thailand There’s a certain feeling that arises when tying into the end of a deep cave line.  As you are laying new line in virgin cave, there’s this unmistakable burst of adrenaline being injected into your system. You can feel your heartbeat, your […]

Start of the MKVI 60 meter course

Today, the last day of the year the boys have started with their MKVI 60 meter course. But first to finish the Air Dil and Air Diluent Deco Course EXAm whoahahahhaahaha…… Here are a few pics of today!    

Cave Diving Habitat

This year Blue label Diving installed the cave diving habitat in Song Hong Lake for the deeper dives up to 155 meters. The steel wires go down to 21 mtrs then come up to a platform at 12 mtr, 9 mtr and the habitat between 7 and 6 mtrs. 100m ccr cave dives in Song […]