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Sidemount, Tec Sidemount & Wreck Diving

Blue Label Diving Indonesia is at it again with getting divers into the water on sidemount, tec sidemount and then taking it for some wreck diving! Lisa, an orthopaedic surgeon from Germany, is back with us again completing her sidemount course with Hiro, while Julian, a physics genius from Switzerland and almost permanent staff here, was […]

Decompression Dive Training on Bunaken

These past three weeks, Blue Label Diving has been busier than ever decompressing in crystal clear waters and hanging with hundreds of different fish species as we have run back to back decompression dive training on Bunaken. We’re happy to welcome Xinwei, Julian and Matthias to the ‘dark side of diving’ and are proud by […]

Megalodon vs JJ CCR

Megalodon vs JJ CCR Having taught the ISC Megalodon CCR for a number of years, I recently added the JJ-ccr to my teaching curriculum. It wasn’t for long until at least a dozen fellow divers would PM me asking what the best rebreather was. This posed to be one of the hardest questions I’ve been […]

Cave Diving certification

Our cave diving certification: Cave Diving is what we at Blue Label Diving Love the most. The Cave Diving certifications you can do with us fall under the TDI courses for overhead environment and we conduct these courses at least once a month. Besides TDI we can also teach these cave courses under SSI. The […]

Diving in Phuket Season

Diving in Phuket Season is possible 365 days a year. Although some people are talking about high and low season, the boats here always go out unless the waves are 3 meters high which might be 6 days through out the whole year. The coolest is December-February period ,where you can even reach outside temperatures […]

Deep Cave Dive

Deep Cave Dive by Ben Reymenants 2nd January 2014 Song Hong Cave Thailand There’s a certain feeling that arises when tying into the end of a deep cave line.  As you are laying new line in virgin cave, there’s this unmistakable burst of adrenaline being injected into your system. You can feel your heartbeat, your […]