Cave Diving certification

Cave Diving in Thailand March 2014 -GOPR1595
Cave Diving certification

Cave Diving is what we at Blue Label Diving Love the most. The Cave Diving certifications you can do with us fall under the TDI courses for overhead environment and we conduct these courses at least once a month. Ben Reymenants and Por Komaradat are our Cave Diving Instructor Trainers and are specialised and highly qualified for this. Por is Thai and know a lot of caves in Thailand. His facility is in Bangkok and Por is also member of the Thai Cave Diving association. Ben Reymenants has been teaching over 200 CCR cave and OC Cave courses over the last 3 years and having done around 1000 Cave dives so far all over the world. Ben his specialty is the 150 meters masterclass in Song Hong cave and he can marry you in the cave as well as he has preformed the ” Guinness World Record” of the deepest underwater wedding ever at 130 meters with our 2 tech instructors from Indonesia Sandy and Hiro Yoshida.

Here are a few pictures of our latest Cave Trip….Cave Courses More Info


Packages - Incl Arrival and Departure Date. For Certified Full Cave Divers only. Max 3 people per group. More is possible but please contact us for information.DaysDivesPRICE US$ per personIncluded:
6 Day Diving package682,500Accommodation 7 nights, + the above
7 Day Diving Package 7122,900Accommodation 8 nights, + the above
8 Day Diving Package 8143,200Accommodation 9 nights, + the above
9 Day Diving Package9163,800Accommodation 10 nights, + the above

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