Cave Diving Course Thailand May 6 till May 12 2014

Cave Course Thailand-IMG_0414An an other 7 days and 16 cave dives. Bjorn, Ralf, Oleg and Joel are now officially TDI Full Cave Divers. Our Cave Diving Course Thailand takes place each month in Khao Sok National Park and Song Hong Cave down South of Thailand in the Trang province. This was the first part of Bjorn his internship in which he is doing the full 9 yards of the TDI technical diving curriculum.

Cave diving is a complete different way of diving and has nothing to do or you cant even compare this with Open Water diving.

Yes Diving in Overhead environments can be dangerous.


We give you 5 “reasons”

1. When Cave diving it can get tight In places

2. Accidents do happen while Cave diving

3. Visibility Can Become Poor While Cave Diving

4. It Can Get Dark In Places

5. Guide Lines Can Sometimes Be Hard To See

Now 5 reasons why Open Water diving is dangerous

1. When diving it can get tight In places on the boats

2. Accidents do happen while diving

3. Visibility Can Become Poor While Diving

4. It Can Get Dark In Places during night dives

5. SMB Lines Can Sometimes entangle and pull you up

You see there are not that many differences except for when you are open water diving and in the unlikely event something bad happens you can go direct up to the surface. During overhead, cave or Wreck, this is not the case. This is why training with the right instructor and dive center is crucial.

You will learn so many skills like ; Lost buddy, lost line, dragging an unconscious buddy out of the cave, out of air situations, lost light etc etc. With this many skills you need a minimum of 7 days to complete the Full Cave course program.



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