song hong rebreatherEnd of another successful CCR CAVE Trimix program. This time, French Megalodon rebreather diver Nicolas Lanvoc came over to Thailand cave to polish his ccr and cave skills in this Distinctive program, unique to Blue Label Diving.

ccr cave trimix
ccr cave diver

Most candidates have cave and mixed gas experience, open and/or closed circuit. But are they ready to combine the best of both worlds? The program presents a variety of emergency drills and scenario’s where the candidate only has two goals; get back to the surface and stay on the rebreather as long as possible.

Well done Nicolas, back to the cold caves in France.

If you think you are ready for CCR Cave Diving or are considering it:

You need to ask yourself a few questions. Ready for cave diving includes, but is not limited to the following considerations that set it apart from open water diving activities. No amount of open water diving experience is preparing a diver for the overhead environments. We have seen some grown man and woman cry. But we can guarantee you that after these courses you will never want to go back.

After the CCR Cave course you can enroll in a Xover program to become the CCR wreck diver.

The CCR Cave Diver training program takes a minimum of seven training days. Can you? Hover horizontal in perfect trim at 3 meters without moving and do the backward kick. If you can do THAT you are ready to come to the dark side.


CCR-FULL-CAVE  Screenshot 2015-09-13 15.56.09