Closed Circuit Rebreather ClassTHIS WEEK IN TEC…. The Poseidon MK6 rebreather is back over on Siladen with instructor Hiro running another closed circuit rebreather class. With the pool and classroom sessions already over, Danielle, the owner of Siladen Spa & Resort, is now hitting the gorgeous wall dives around Siladen and Bunaken.

Ishan, the divemaster trainee at Two Fish, had his first go at sidemount and the rebreather with Hiro in the pool this week. As part of his divemaster internship he gets a free intro to technical diving with the Blue Label Diving specialists Sandy & Hiro. He finds the rebreather most fascinating in how it constantly remixes the perfect nitrox mixture for the diver underwater.

Quinne, who just finished her instructor course with Two Fish, also got a taste of technical diving in the pool during her instructor internship. Not only is she prepared to start teaching basic level scuba courses, but now she also has more understanding of both rebreathers and sidemount so she can better assist divers using those systems.

Next week we’re looking forward to welcoming back Markus, a dive professional working here in North Sulawesi, for his second round of decompression dive training. He’s already completed most of his theory for Advanced Nitrox and gone through the skill session in the pool. Now he’ll be back to do more open water training dives on the twinset.

Blue Label Diving Indonesia is looking forward to the silent and deep dives of September!

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