Sidemount Long HoseWe are happy to welcome back our divemaster Lisa Helm to Blue Label Diving Indonesia at Two Fish Divers! Lisa completed her divemaster earlier this year with Two Fish Divers and during this time got very interested in technical diving as she worked alongside Blue Label Diving instructors Hiro and Sandy. Her main goal is to learn a new style of diving that will allow her greater freedom in the water and more safety, so she is our divemaster transitioning to tec diving.

For many divemasters that we have on site, tec diving is a great way to improve one’s dive skills and use different equipment configurations. It’s also a great way for divemasters who are well developed recreational divers to learn more without becoming instructors themselves. Here at Two Fish Divers every divemaster intern receives a free introduction to tec – sidemount, twinsets, and/or rebreathers – so they have the opportunity to understand these forms of diving and develop their knowledge and skills further. Many of our divemasters are leaving here as both PADI Divemasters and entry level technical divers, making them more suitable to work in diverse dive environments.

Lisa went over all the emergency procedures for sidemount diving with Hiro and had so much fun diving with two tanks on the side that she continued the rest of her holiday here diving only sidemount. In fact, she even extended her stay by another couple of days to get in more sidemount dives! We might just have a sidemount addict on our hands…

We look forward to seeing Lisa back yet again in November for some more fun and possible a further course in technical diving.

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