2014-07-06 About Thailand
Diving Thailand – pool view

Recently I’ve been asked what I’m up to with my technical diving internship at Blue Label Diving. After all, an internship in technical diving is a unique, exciting, and (to many) unfamiliar thing. Well, here’s a glimpse of what I do around here:

Every day centers on diving, but there is no ‘typical’ day. It’s been 3 weeks and I’ve already been on two trips to the caves of southern Thailand and learned lots about many areas of diving. Although dive instruction is part of these trips (just got full cave certified!) I also help with other aspects. This might include prepping gear, filling cylinders, or generally doing my best to set a good example as a diver.

Diving with others who are involved in the industry is not only valuable – it’s fun. I do my best to soak up the vast knowledge Ben Reymenants, other instructors, and technical divers have and the frequent diving allows me to hone my skills and compare equipment configurations.

At Blue Label Diving’s main office in Phuket, my tasks vary. Most days during my diving internship, I’ll arrive after a beach side breakfast and immerse myself in whatever is happening around the dive center. If a course is taking place, I may sit in and listen or attend pool sessions with the instructor and students. Observing different teaching styles reinforces both my personal dive-knowledge and my understanding of effective teaching.

There is free time to pursue my own research interests as well. Blue Label Diving has a library of dive books to look over and it’s rewarding to expand my knowledge on a multitude of dive-related topics.

As an intern, I am exposed to state-of-the-art diving technology

At other times, I may practice photography skills or work on documenting dive activities. Whatever I’m up to, it always centers around diving. I usually leave Blue Label in the early evening and am so enthused with whatever I’ve done that day that I return to my apartment to pursue individual research! Talk about loving what you do!

In short, I do a bit of everything. With the desire to learn and a passion for technical diving, it’s impossible not to become vastly more knowledgeable in any aspect of diving – and to enjoy lots of fantastic dives!