Emergency Response Diver Level 1 Course

This initial ERDI diver course prepares you in-depth with the Public Safety Diving basics, both on theory, equipment and skill level, to be part of an NFPA and OHSA compliant Public Safety Diver team. Upon certification, the candidate will be able to operate both as a diver and tender in limited open water public safety diving activities.

This course is your foundation. You’ll learn to be self-sufficient under water through a series of skills, drills and techniques. Most of your dives as a PSD are solo dives. The only interaction with safety or a buddy is through a thick rope and an array of signals. The tender can pull you out of the water at any time, but in reality, you’re still diving solo. The training will prepare you to overcome most challenges or failures by yourself. For example; Entanglement, gas failure, loss of visibility. 

The candidate therefore receives a challenging but rewarding course using basic scuba. To enter the course, you need to be a certified open water diver from a recognized agency and proof of basic first aid/oxygen provider training. Your waterman ship will be tested as well as rescue skills. 

The theory portion takes you through the practical and legal facets of public safety diving these are followed by confined water training sessions to familiarize you with your equipment before you head to open water training. 

Working as a team, the candidates rotate through every role within the dive team such as primary search and recovery diver, tender, backup diver and incident commander. 

ERD – 1 Topics: recreational vs emergency response diving | building the team | attitudes | operations | training | public safety diving accidents | equipment |problem solving | tender skills | line signals | search patterns | decontamination procedures|responding to the call | scene evaluation | rescue recovery | crime scene recognition | environmental / hazmat

ERD- 1 Skills: line signals | diver communications | executing multiple search patterns | victim recovery | emergency procedures | decontamination procedures |equipment removal and replacement | bail-out scenario | tender skills | watermanship

Prerequisites and Duration Public Safety Diver level 1:

  • Minimum 18 years
  • Open Water Diver
  • Current CPR and first aid certification & oxygen provider certification
  • Course takes 4 days
  • No decompression diving to 18 meters

ERD-1 Dive Equipment : Mask | Fins| Wetsuit | Technical diver harness with buoyancy control device | single tank with pony bottle | dual sealed regulators | tether


To enter the course, you need to be 18 years of age, a certified open water diver with a recognised agency and proof of current first aid/oxygen provider training. Your waterman ship will be tested as well as rescue skills.

The course takes 4 days and dives are to a maximum depth of 18meters/60 feet. No staged decompression diving is allowed. 

What’s next? After this level 1 course and having done 10 PSD dives you can go to the Emergency Response Level 2!

What’s in it for you and your team?

Structured training that solidifies diver and tender abilities in the participation of planning and executing dive team operations


To attend our program, you must be:


  • Advanced Open Water diver
  • Min 18 years of age
  • Proof of affiliation with a public safety team (law enforcement, fire, paramedic, EMT, dive rescue team etc


You need to bring the following materials and equipment for this program:


  • 2 cutting devices
  • 2 scuba cylinders (provided by Blue Label)
  • 2 surface singling devices (SMB and whistle)
  • Your personal dive equipment, complete set
  • Pocket mask
  • Log Book



Our program is conducted over 4 days:


Day 1: Classroom, 1 presentation of 4hrs and practical application session of 4 hours

Day 2: Classroom, 1 presentation of 4hrs and practical application session of 4 hours

Day 3 and 4: A total of 4 Open Water dives

Confined water sessions may be added to introduce new skills or equipment to the students. The student diver must demonstrate accurate and adequate knowledge and performance of all skills fluidly with little difficulty, in a manner that demonstrates minimal or no stress during the open water dives. 

Class size: Minimum amount of candidates is 3 per course and the maximum is 10 candidates. There must always be 1 diver and 1 non-diver in the group. All divers must show certification cards/ dive log.




18’000 thb for DIVERS p/p

15’000 thb for Non DIVERS p/p


The price includes the following:

  • ERDI manual, Store fees, Instructor fees, ERDI certification
  • Dives
  • Breakfast and Lunch
  • Tender-Diver laminated signal cards for each diver/tender
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