Female Divers on Sidemount in Indonesia – Bunaken and Lembeh

Sidemount woman Indonesia in Bunaken

Female divers on Sidemount in Indonesia. At Blue Label Diving in Bunaken we had a few woman interested in Sidemount diving so we took them out at our beautiful sites.

The last weeks have all gone under one keyword – planning – despite there being resorts and dive centers on Bunaken in Indonesia the process of getting helium and oxygen in all desired combinations is still quite slow. That in turns means we need to look quite far ahead with our planning (specially for divers wanting to dive deeper on trimix) to have stock of all gases for all dives and all situations.

I’ve been also over to Lembeh to get the managers Dani and Matt updated about our plans, upcoming courses and technical diving internships. We’re also planning of running a scheduled A try dive Tec day in the near future in Lembeh. So for those interested go ahead, ask Dani and Matt about technical diving in Indonesia! Oh, and by the way diving in Lembeh is awesome. Saw creatures that were probably from another planet and that I’ve never seen before like the small Lembeh sea dragon and blue ring octopus on the pictures!

What about the title “female divers on sidemount in Indonesia” you ask – well, Tuuli was over from Singapore doing some sidemount diving on the walls of Bunaken and Theresia is here to do her divemaster internship, along the way also advanced trimix and gas blender courses with many tec dives (on sidemount of course).

Try Dive Tec in Indonesia
Try Dive Tec in Indonesia

Our divemaster intern Anna is very much into sidemount. We jumped into the pool yesterday evening with her to try twinset and sidemount configurations for today’s morning dives. Looks like I have to start breaking those twinsets down because Anna was yet another female student who did choose sidemount over twinset and as you can see from the pictures with great success!

Like already mentioned we will be running an advanced trimix and gas blender courses from the 11th of June on Bunaken. The course is being thought by the owner of Blue Label Diving Ben Reymenants who will come over from Thailand. In addition to that we will conduct couple of deeper dives to look for the elusive coelecanth fish from the deep waters surrounding Bunaken.

Stay tuned and be ready – exciting times coming ahead!

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