Complete guide on scuba diving internships and scuba diving courses in Phuket, Thailand.

Do you want to get away from the regular, mundane activity and do something spectacular? Scuba diving serves as a passport to another world. We give you a Complete guide on scuba diving internships in Phuket, Thailand.

This form of learning how to dive or to become a better diver and getting more certificates opens a wide range of opportunities for you to explore natural underwater world which is full of vibrant colours and textures, exotic flora and fauna, and sea anemones while learning from the best.

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Scuba diving courses allow you to experience the magic of the underwater world. If you are a first-time diver, then the scuba diving training will educate you on breathing and buoyancy skills in shallow water. We help you in moulding to be better scuba divers with more theoretical background and scuba skills than those who dive for recreation.

At Blue Label Diving, we also provide an opportunity for Scuba diving internship which is very similar to apprenticeship. Here, the candidates will have to undergo supervised practical training in real life situations and deal with real people. This provides candidates with work experience and be knowledgeable within the industry and ready for employment.

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A common and prevalent belief is that a beginner needs to buy scuba diving equipment as soon as he/she starts with the training. Many divers are urged to have their own gear so that they don’t have to rely on rental equipment. The benefits of owning the gear include more features than rental equipment as you can configure it exactly the way you want.

If you can afford your own kit at once, you can go for it by all means. Ensure to buy life-supporting equipment like gears and regulators in the first place. Buying a mask becomes essential if you can only afford one piece of dive gear. Choose a high-quality, comfortable scuba mask that makes you feel comfortable and help you enjoy the dive underwater.

Many divers have expressed that they feel are confident with their own set of fins as rental fins come in such a variety of lengths, styles and stiffness that are sometimes hard to predict. This holds true for those with exceptionally small feet. It is always better to buy a pair of comfortable fins.

If you cannot calculate your no-decompression limits, then we recommend you to purchase a dive computer early, too, in your diving career. As computers are extremely sensitive, they can detect even the small differences of how divers’ underwater profiles can change their no-decompression limits. Wetsuit or dry suit is a must-buy as many divers are uncomfortable using the rented one. Other must-buy equipment includes buoyancy compensators (BCDs) and tanks.

If you are a big scuba diving fan, then wait no more. Explore different species of fishes and other marine wildlife.