JJ Rebreather courses
Longtail Boat in Khao Sok National park packed with the diving equipment.
JJ CCR Divers in Thailand
Jan and Jeff for the first time in Khao Sok National Park. Both JJ CCR divers.

Recently, Technical Diving International (TDI) teamed up with JJ-CCR and welcomed this popular rebreather in their curriculum. This liaison does honor to IART, who was the sole JJ training agency for years. JJ divers from either agency can now enrol in the TDI JJ CCR COURSE CAVE program using their own unit. an arrange of configurations is tried as depth and distance increase.

CCR Cave Courses More Info

Bluelabel Diving is one of the only facilities teaching the generic CCR CAVE series. The course consists of 4 modules and takes candidates gradually to depths of 60m, using advanced cave techniques.’

CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather16 Cave JJ courses JJ CR Diver in Cave during course CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather 23 CCR Trimix Cave JJ RebreatherIMG_1256 CCR Trimix Cave JJ RebreatherIMG_1254 CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather 03 CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather 22

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