DiscoverTec_John_CraigPADI Discover Tec experience with John and Craig in Bunaken, our divemaster interns!

With our divemaster candidate (well, now a divemaster already) John leaving us it was time to hone his stay, get our other divemaster candidate Craig along and see what these twinsets are all about.

Their planned lazy afternoon turned into a nice drift dive with twinsets instead. Thorough briefing by yours truly followed by equipment configuration, dive and skills briefing and it was time for a dive at Lekuan 1.

John’s first words after a dive were “I made the beginners tec-mistake, didn’t I?”. I guess it isn’t that easy for a guy to have three valves behind his head and to remember which way to turn them in order to keep the gas running so John did exact opposite as briefed – left one of them closed. But having realized his mistake he acted perfectly without a nerve twitching in his face and eventually after countless checks and rechecks cleared the mystery of the valves.

Craig also looked a bit puzzled at first with the long hose and wasn’t quite sure what to do with all that extra hose he had running around him but defeated his daemons quickly and from there on it was all fun and games.

About an hour, many big turtles, half a dozen of squids and a very nice drift dive later we surfaced and both of the guys were very surprised how easy it is actually to dive with a twinset and were sure that tec diving would open up a whole new side of diving for them.

So all in all, when you’re planning your holiday here do come and have a look what the tec is all about and we’ll most likely clear and demystify the whole thing for you and show that it’s not only for big guys who eat raw titanium for breakfast. Everybody can do it and all you need for the PADI DiscoverTec experience is a dive certification and ten logged dives!

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