PADI Discover Tec Program

The DISCOVER TEC Diver available at our Technical Diving Centers in Phuket Thailand and Brisbane and Melbourne Australia, is your first introduction to Technical Diving. The participants are exposed to technical dive gear and learn the basics of gear configuration and tech diving drills in a confined like environment like beach or pool.

Discover Tec with PADI will introduce you to the sphere of technical diving and the equipment and procedures used like twinsets and or sidemount setups. Our instructors will do a little more then is required.

Discover Tec dives can also credit towards the PADI TecRec 40 course.

So if you ever wondered why the diver next to you on the boat has 3 cylinders and you only have one? And you want what he’s got. This discovery day it totally for you.

Student Prerequisites PADI Discover Tec:

PADI Discover Tec
Minimum Age: 18 years
Min Certification/diver level: PADI Open Water Diver  or equivalent
Min amount of dives: 10 logged dives
Course Duration: 1 day, 1 dive
System: Open Circuit twin set
What you wil learn: Equipment consideration & Basic technical diving skills
Certification available through: PADI
Combination of courses: Stand alone course
What Can I do next: Tec 40 or Sidemount or recreational Rebreather



PADI Discover Tec
PADI Discover Tec
Discover TEC Padi
Discover TEC Padi