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Are you an experienced diver? Do you want transition from recreational scuba diving to technical diving? All you need is right training that allows you to dive further underwater. PADI Tecrec courses are an answer to your question as they let you experience the magic of underwater world. These courses involve only the experienced divers and provides them an opportunity to dive deeper and visit pristine sites.

Tec 40 course or Advanced Nitrox course
Padi tecrec diving

At Blue Label Diving, our experienced and certified dive masters and instructors will help you discover underwater in a more professional way. Further on, you will get a certificate confirming that you have done a PADI course. This is a great place to start as PADI diving in Thailand bridges the gap between no-stop diving and technical deep decompression diving. We promise that you will gain experience and begin building the knowledge and skills that you need to continue your tec diver training.

Note that PADI Tecrec courses aren’t for everyone. These courses are designed only for those qualified divers who wish to explore the underwater in-depth, than those mainstream recreational divers. Divers undergoing PADI dive courses for technical diving will be taught to manage more equipment and the additional hazards. Remember! PADI dive courses require more effort, discipline and equipment as they throw wide array of challenges, focus and cutting edge technologies.

The PADI diving courses consists of three practical application sessions and four training dives where you will gain knowledge on the risks and responsibilities, diving equipment, gas planning, oxygen limits and decompression planning and also emergency procedures – dealing with manifold leaks and out of gas situations.

In fact, PADI diving courses you to new gear, planning and procedures that are necessary to extend your diving limits. This course can be completed either continuously or separately with time span between them. You can later move up to the mixed gas courses involving helium when you have gained ample experience with twinset, stage use and decompression profiles.

If you have made it this far, then why not explore more? Enjoy the breath-taking view underwater in a safe and relaxed environment.


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