Rebreather Components

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What are the basic rebreather components needed to create a system in which you can breathe recycled air? Understanding the basic parts of a rebreather takes the mystery out of how the system works. Here we focus on the rebreather components common to almost all modern-day rebreathers. By dissecting a rebreather you can discover just how easy a design it is.

Even though there are different models of rebreathers on the market, they still all have the same basic parts in common. They all require an oxygen source, diluent, scrubber canister, loop, counter lungs, diver supply valve and a head with oxygen sensors. With these parts a rebreather can hold a certain partial pressure of oxygen to support a diver’s life whilst simultaneously removing carbon dioxide so exhaled breath can be recycled.

Learning what the parts are and how they function together takes the mystery out of diving rebreathers. It can open up your diving experiences to longer and quieter dives. For more information on how to learn click here. Check back later for information specific to each rebreather component and how it functions to make the rebreather work.

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