ssi advanced adventurer course

SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver Course

The SSI Advanced Adventurer diver course is the next level after Open Water course. Equivalent to PADI Advance Open Water course, the SSI Advance Adventurer course is actually a combination of skill from different specialties.

In other words, you will touch the tip of the diving specialties in the Advanced Adventurer and experience the different ways of diving. You will become a multi-skilled, versatile diver by the end of this course.

The best thing about the Advance Adventurer course is that it consist mostly practical training. It implies that you will spent most of your time underwater, having fun with your instructor.

You will experiment diving using various new techniques, which are “mind-boggling” to Open Water divers.

What do you do and where do we teach you

In an Advanced Adventurer diver course, you will enroll in 5 adventure dives in a minimum of 2 days. These dives are the first training dive of the relative specialty itself. Examples of courses available you will be picking dives among Deep Diving (mandatory), Navigation Dive (mandatory), Computer Dive, Wreck Diving, Perfect Buoyancy, Drift and Tidal Diving, Photography, Videography and more.

Schedule SSI Advanced Adventurer: 

Day 1 & 2 (Open Water) Doing 2-3 dives per day

    • 07:15am Pickup from your Hotel
    • 08:00am Departs from Chalong Pier to Racha Yai
    • 10:00am First two dives of the day (Training Dives)
    • 01:00pm Lunch time
    • 02:00pm Third dive of the day (Fun Dive)
    • 03:00pm Departure from Racha
    • 05:00 – 6:00pm Estimated time of arrival at Chalong Pier

How much does it cost and what is included in the price? and why Blue Label Diving?

We have over 10 year experience running a dive shop in Phuket. Our instructors are all tech divers and Dive Instructors. Some even technical diving instructors and Dive Medics.

We take diving serious but with a smile. We care about QUALITY! not quantity.

We teach in several languages such as: English, Spanish, Danish, Chinese, French, German and Dutch

As Blue Label do not like un-welcome surprises, we clearly list out what is included and what is not included in your course payment.

We teach at an instructor to student ratio of 1:1. Or with your family or group of friends of course. Our max is 2 students per instructor. 

PRICE: 16'000thb
PRICE: 19'000thb when you include Nitrox Specialty

Included: instructor fee, materials fee, equipment rental fee, pickups, breakfast and lunch, boat fee and Excluded: personal items (towels, sunblock etc.), dive computer rentals (300 baht), VAT

We will list out common adventure dives we conduct for our Advance Adventurer course.

Deep Diving (compulsory)

Deep Diving, as the name suggest, extends the depth range of the diver to 30m.

During this dive, you will learn to detect traces of nitrogen narcosis in your body, discover the extent of light absorption and pressure effects at great depths.

Navigation (compulsory)

Navigation dive is derived into two aspects – compass navigation and natural navigation. You will learn compass readings, observing visual reference points and terminologies like “fin-kick cycle” and “reciprocal heading”. On the other hand, you need to navigate your direction underwater without compass as well. You will learn how to do so by observing underwater environmental features to find your way.

Options for the SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver Course:

Perfect Buoyancy (recommended)

ssi perfect buoyancy course

Mastering perfect buoyancy is a goal for new divers… Streamlined and graceful, a diver with good buoyancy glides through the water effortlessly, leaving others in awe and admiration. More often than not, you see your instructors glide through water, seemingly not even moving an inch. In this course, we will teach you exactly that. You will learn how to breath, when to kick and when not to kick to reach a trance-like condition underwater. After the enlightenment, you surely will start referring scuba diving as a sport more similar to yoga, and not swimming.

Computer Diving

Remember what computer looks like back in the days? Well then consider yourself lucky. During this dive, in lieu of the inflexible dive tables, you will be learning how to dive with a wristwatch-sized dive computer. In return of your trust and love, the dive com honours you with acute NDL, dive time, depth, and many more precious info. Your instructor will teach you how to maximize the advantages of the dive computer, and to plan a multilevel dive with it.

Wreck Diving

Diving in a wreck, as interesting as it sounds, requires proper skills. In Wreck Adventure dive, your instructors will give your a basic layout of wreck diving essentials. Although not as dramatic as the Titanic story, wrecks around Phuket do have some interesting information about it. Generally, in this course our instructor will teach you about the history, layout, and navigation method of the wreck.


Just as you learn it in your Open Water Course, light gets absorbed by water. Hence, the deeper you go, the darker it gets. This is why underwater photography requires you to master a whole new skill sets to be proficient in it. In this dive, you will learn about basic skills of underwater photography and the required diving skills to get good photos.

Other Adventure dives available:

Spider cave Ao Nang
Spider cave

Although there are many other adventure dives available, some are virtually impractical given the environment conditions in Thailand. For instance, Ice Diving is strictly out of the question. We also only offer Dry Suit Diving as a full specialty course. The other adventure dives which you could choose are Current, Waves and Tides Diving, Cavern DivingBoat Diving, Shore DivingIntro to NitroxFish Identification Dive and Search and Recovery Dive.

You will need two days to finish your Advance Adventurer course. As surroundings of Phuket does not offer good dive spots, we arrange diving around Racha islands, Phi Phi islands, or King Cruiser. As our schedule is 3 dives a day, you use 5 dives as training dives, and the last dive will be a complementary fun dive!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our dive center to ask about the Advance Adventurer Course that are now available. Availability of the adventure dive are subject to change due to weather conditions of Phuket island as well.

Who can enroll/start and what do you need for the SSI Advanced Adventurer Diver Course:

Minimum Age:10 years old (12 years old for Deep Diving)
Min Certification/diver level:Open Water Diver
Min amount of dives:recommended 10 dives
Course duration:2 days
About this course:SSI Advance Adventurer is a next level training of Open Water. It opens up depth access to 30m.
Certification available through:SSI
Combination of Courses:SSI Open Water Course + SSI Advance Adventurer/
SSI Advance Adventurer + Nitrox Specialty
What do I do next:Nitrox Specialty/
Stress and Rescue Specialty + React Right





ssi advanced adventurer course


Here a few documents for you to read, sign and send back to us, after you have signed up for the course.