Sidmount Swim ThroughTHIS WEEK IN TEC…. Here at Blue Label Diving Indonesia we are moving from a week of sidemount into rebreather diving. Over in Lembeh Straits, Dymphna polished off her PADI Sidemount Speciality with Sandy, as Hiro prepared ISC’s Megladon rebreather for Pek to use over on Bunaken. Dymphna is a seasoned scuba diver who has made several visits out to North Sulawesi with Two Fish Divers and she was wanting a different way for taking her photos underwater. Pek is a Blue Label trained technical diver and instructor who is coming out to Bunaken for the first time to check out the stunning walls in silence.

For the upcoming week we’ll actually be incorporating the two diving configurations in one. A rebreather diver always needs to carry sufficient bailout gas in case of emergency, which is typically done as a sling tank on the side (possibly more depending on how deep the rebreather diver is going). A sling tank can swing back and forth whilst swimming, which is burdensome to a diver on the go. Therefore, a simple technique that rebreather divers are incorporating into securing their sling tanks is using bungees around the neck of the tank to bring the tank closer to the body. The sling tank is more streamlined for better and faster movement in the water.

With sidemount and rebreathers we’re exploring places out here in North Sulawesi that haven’t been seen by many divers before. Either we’re going deeper with the rebreathers or fitting through the tinier places on the reefs with sidemount. This week’s shot is of Dani, the manager of the Two Fish Resort on Lembeh, enjoying the swim thorughs on Angel’s Window.

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