Tec Wreck DiveBlue Label Diving Indonesia is at it again with getting divers into the water on sidemount, tec sidemount and then taking it for some wreck diving! Lisa, an orthopaedic surgeon from Germany, is back with us again completing her sidemount course with Hiro, while Julian, a physics genius from Switzerland and almost permanent staff here, was messing around with up to 6 tanks during his tec sidemount course. And then there is Matthias, an instructor from Austria, who joined in the fun for technical dives on sidemount. Our awesome team of three have since been on sidemount and practicing by themselves what they’ve learned on their courses!

Matthias and Julian visited the wreck just off of Manado at about 35 meters underwater. It’s an old cargo ship of about 30 plus years whereby you can swim into the cargo hold, through the wheel house and visit the one remaining prop at the bottom. The team discovered it was best to do as a technical dive to maximise the time looking around the wreck and trying to find all the tiny critters hanging out there. During the hang time, the team could move up the nearby reef and enjoy some much diving during the deco stops.

In addition to understanding all of the theory behind sidemount and decompression diving and practicing skills during the open water sessions, Julian has begun an extensive equipment workshop with Hiro to comprehend how regulators perform and operate from the inside out. He’s quite keen to compare the work of breathing test charts and cracking pressures of the various brands of regulators. This upcoming week he’ll be disassembling a whole first and second stage and putting it back together piece by piece.

Underwater Blue Label Diving Indonesia has been having some wild experiences, such as black and white tip sharks, Napoleon wrasses, giant jacks & big-eyed jacks, colourful nudibranchs, dart fish, unlimited turtles, orang-utan crabs, and much more. Having more gas and more bottom time really allows us to see some cool things!

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