SSI TXR ITS in Phuket with Blue label Diving

The 3 boys on their SSI TXR ITS

SSI is proud to announce 3 new Mixed gas instructor trainers who successfully passed the quite enduring SSI TXR ITS week of assessments, decompression dives, minute dive planning and presentations in order to become a SSI TXR asset in SSI’s prestigious Extended Range program. The SSI TXR ITS scored candidates on the ability to  evaluate instructors during decompression dives during blue water ascends on the edges of the Andaman Sea, as well as group control in overhead training using local wrecks around Phuket.

Skill – unconscious diver rescue
Skill – staging deco cylinder

Jani Santala from Finland is returning back to Scandinavia as Hypoxic Trimix and Full Cave instructor trainer, after recently completing his Revo CCR instructor trainer levels. Jani furthermore organises trips and training in the well known Ojamo Mine in Finland, Plura cave in Norway, Molnar Janos in Hungary and Tuna Hastberg mine in Sweden.

Laying a few lines in a small wreck

Jay Lin, Singaporean, SSI instructor certifier and a rising star on the Asian Technical Diving scene , will support the training of a new generation of TXR instructors in Singapore and surrounding countries such as Philippines, Bali and Thailand. Jay teaches the Poseidon CCR and mixed gas on both Twinset and XR Sidemount.


And last but not least, Ivan Karadzic, Danish origin and long term Thailand expat, is destined to support the East coast of Thailand, a hotspot for SSI instructor development in the region as mixed gas and overhead instructor trainer. Ivan specialises in wreck exploration and the refinement of sidemount procedures for the SSI XR program


The SSI TXR ITS a perfect testing platform for the development of the soon to be released XR sidemount program. The combination of twinsets and sidemount during similar skillsets proved that different diver configurations can be safely combined for the majority of SSI’s XR training programs. Please stay tuned and check on the SSI event’s page to check on the next XR training programs.

Please give a warm welcome and support to these 3 SSI trainers. Well earned guys

And the boys are done new SSI TXR ITS
perfect trim!