Blue label Diving and Scubacat in Phuket have joined forces and are offering the 1st and only SSI XR Tec Camps in Phuket from 1st of June until the 31st of August 2016. These will take place every weekend, starting on the Friday at 8:30am with the Sidemount course. The 1st trip starts June 3rd.

Phuket liveaboard trip Phi Phi
Phuket liveaboard trip Phi Phi

What does this mean?
If you are an Advanced Open Water Diver (of any agency) and you have 25 logged dives and you are looking in extending your range? You can join the SSI XR Tec Camp and get 3 certification in 3 days over a weekend.

  • SSI Sidemount diver
  • SSI XR Cavern diver
  • SSI XR Advanced Wreck diver

How does it work?

Every weekend, starting with the Sidemount course on the Friday at 8:30am and the overnight boat trip on Saturday and Sunday.

The first day you will be 50% classroom and 50% in water for the SSI Sidemount training. (If you are a Sidemount diver already but not a back-mount diver (twinset) you can do this day on the Twinset or you can skip this day)
Day 2 at 8am the boat leaves from the pier in Chalong which will take you to your first dives of the overnight trip. You will spend the night on the boat in Phi Phi, but you will be able to go on land for a few hours as well. The 3rd day, also the last you will do the rest of the dives and finish the cavern and advanced wreck. You are back in Chalong around 4pm.

What is included?
Friday Day 1 SSI XR Tec Camp: equipment rental, gasses, instructor fees, pool fee, transport, lunch, manual and certification
Saturday Day 2 and Sunday Day 3 SSI XR Tec Camp: boat fees, equipment rental, gasses, instructor fees, pool fee, transport, breakfast / lunch / dinner, manual and certification. Dinner is not served on the 3rd day as you are back at 4pm.

Is certification a guarantee?
No, you are paying for the boat diving and the training. Signing up for a dive course never means a guarantee of certification.

What is the weather turns?
It has to be really bad if the boats can’t go out at all. If the wind and waves are too strong they might cancel Phi Phi but they still will go out to closer dive sites. We just can’t do the cavern/wreck if the weather gets that bad.
The deposit of 10’000thb is non refundable. If you are not a Sidemount diver we will teach you this level nevertheless as day 1 of this course is a pool dive and day 2 would be ocean diving which could be done at any dive site. If you are a Sidemount diver we give you 2 days of “fun” Sidemount diving but just not in Phi Phi. So no money lost there.

How to book?

Please contact us via our form or email the team directly: [email protected]m

SSI XR Tec Camp Phuket
SSI Tec camp cavern + wreck