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AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix

CCR AP Inspo course

AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix Course in Phuket Ben Reymenants has just finished the IART AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix course with Michael M down here in Phuket. Michael is from Melbourne Australia and has dived the unit for over a year now and is Advanced Wreck diver. The IART AP Inspo CCR Advanced Trimix course […]

CCR JJ Cave course November 2015

CCR JJ Cave course in November and December 2015. CCR cavern, intro to cave, Full Cave and  CCR Cave to 60 meters From Mid November Marco Carraro was here to do his CCR JJ Cave course and CCR JJ Cave Trimix Course. The viz was better than usual in Sra Keow, there is a new […]


Yet another successful ccr cave diver training week with Ross Bedggood, Chris Carbery and Daren Marshall. Full marks for all of you… The Blue Label Diving CCR Cave program is a unique and dynamic course, including 3 levels, comparable to Open Circuit Cavern Diver, Intro to Cave and Full cave diver. Candidates learn intricate bail […]