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Rebreather diving course Thailand

Exploration Diving CCR

Learn about rebreather diving courses in Thailand One thing that technical and recreational divers need in common is the breathing gas. Rebreathers for divers have offered huge advantage and have also introduced a whole new dimension in diving. As a diver, at some point, you will surely want to extend the knowledge beyond the limits […]

Which Rebreather ?

WHICH REBREATHER?… Which Rebreather is a question that I’m asked at least once a week from potential new rebreather students looking to take the step into the silent world. A question that I’ve asked myself numerous times over the years and led to the serial owning of enough different units to make a bank manager […]

Deep trimix dive to 100m in Bunaken on New Years Eve

Out in Indonesia, two divers decided to make the last day of 2013 extremely special to finish the year out with a bang. Gerard, a TDI Advanced Trimix diver from France, accompanied Sandy, one of Blue Label Diving Indonesia’s tec instructors, on a deep trimix dive to 100m in Bunaken on New Years Eve. The […]

Tech Diving Indonesia update – Tech Diving Lembeh

It’s been a long silence. And that can mean only one thing – we’re busy. So here’s the Bunaken and Lembeh technical diving update for the past couple of weeks. I packed all the techie stuff including rebreathers and booster pumps and whips and all sorts of other gadgets that everybody likes into boxes and […]