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Underwater Light Dude Dive Torch review

Dive Torch review by Ben Reymenants – Underwater Light Dude   I destroy things. Not because I like to, just because my job poses high demands towards equipment. As a ccr cave instructor trainer, I live like a coal-miner; most of the week in the outback and every day underground. If there’s one thing I […]

Fatally Flawed: The Quest to be Deepest

Review of Fatally Flawed: The Quest to be Deepest by Verna van Shaik   The story of a woman diver’s successful attempt at a depth record in Boesmansgat sinkhole, South Africa – Fatally Flawed focuses on Verna van Shaik’s personal growth within the ego-driven world of deep technical diving. The account begins with a chronicling […]

Review Blue Label Diving

Review Blue Label Diving from Gareth Ingham “When you undertake any new diving activity, it has been my experience that it is worth seeking out the best people from which to learn. When it comes to CCR diving in Asia Pacific, Ben Reymenants from Blue Label Diving was a name which got suggested by trusted […]