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This TDI CCR Cave trimix course is the highest-level certification course for divers wishing to utilise the unit specific closed circuit rebreather (CCR) for advanced mixed gas diving inside Overhead Environments.

The TDI CCR Cave Trimix – Mixed Gas Diver course builds upon techniques and procedures introduced during the TDI Full Cave Diver course and focuses on deep trimix cave diving with multiple stages , and advanced cave diving planning.

The course is one of the most extreme and demanding technical diver training programs , combining not only the skills and techniques necessary to become a proficient Full Cave Mixed Gas Diver, but also all the advanced skills to dive a closed circuit rebreather in this type of extreme environment. Students must demonstrate an absolute mastery of all cave diving skills and techniques, a high level of awareness, and a proper attitude prior to certification.


This course is conducted over 4 full days it may be necessary to conduct a check out dive prior to course enrolment.

We conduct all of our CCR and Open Circuit Cave level courses in Song Hong lake in the South of Thailand and Sra Keow Cave close to Krabi. Song Hong we now have discovered, goes down to 200 meters and Sea Keow has a depth of 239 meters. During this TDI rebreather cave trimix course you will go down to a max depth of 60 meters. 

The TDI Cave Trimix course is NON unit specific. Rebreather Units the CCR Cave course can be done on, for example, are: Megalodon, JJ CCR, Inspiration CCR’s, Pathfinder, MKVI and Se7en, REvo, Triton and Kiss


Student Prerequisites
    • Minimum age of 18 years
    • Max Depth: 60 mtr
    • Minimum certification requirements: TDI Full Cave Diver or equivalent or CCR Mixed Gas Diver
    • What you can do next: CCR Wreck diving and CCR Expeditions
    • Certification available through: TDI
    • Combination of courses: CCR Cave DPV & 4

Mask + Back-up maskBCD (wing) and harness
Depth gauge/trimix computer Timing device and backup timing device
Appropriate exposure suitKnife/cutting device and backup
Two inflatable signal tubesReel and spool
Slate and backup slateCompass
1 Stage bailout / decompression Regulators with SPG (Nitrox clean)1 Stage bailout / Decompression cylinder with suitable rigging to mount to the diver with appropriate gas
Factory supplied Closed Circuit Rebreather unit specificStorage pockets
Torch and Back-up torches (Trimix Diving, Wreck diving and cave diving courses)Hood - for Cave, Deep and Wreck Diving
During a mixed gas course you will need more Stage regs