DPV Cave Course

This TDI DPV Cave Course available in Phuket, Thailand and conducted in Sra Keow or and Song Hong Lakes, is designed to give the trained cave diver the minimum knowledge and basic fundamentals of safely utilising diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) in the underwater cave environment. Safe techniques, procedures and skill perfection associated with the use of DPV’s in cave diving is emphasised. Cave conservation considerations, such as low-impact application, are stressed.

  • Equipment Considerations
  • DPV Emergency Towing
  • DPV Techniques Suitable for the Cave Environment
  • DPV Maintenance
  • Proper Use of a DPV

Most divers that use a DPV take them to dive sites of which they know will take them a long time to swim to. A cave like Song Hong, which is now explored to 180 meters, is a great cave to take the scooters to. You can get to the depths fast enough and back, relaxing on the way up. Or to explore some areas that no one has been to, thus unknown distances.

Blue Label Diving has several DPV’s for rent if you are a DPV Cave Diver if you would like to take them for a spin.

TDI DPV Cave Course Prerequisites: TDI Full Cave diver, or equivalent and a minimum of twenty five (25) logged non-training cave dives

Course duration: 2 days, a minimum of three dives at two different sites and completion of a written examination (80% or greater required to pass). 

TDI Cave DPV Diver on CCR
TDI DPV Cave Diver on CCR

Primary and secondary regulators (for back gas or Sidemount set-up)Two stage/decompression regulators
Mask + Back-up maskBCD (wing) and harness or Sidemount Wing (with a min lift of 40 pounds)
Depth gauge/computer Timing device and backup timing device
Appropriate exposure suitKnife/cutting device and backup
Two inflatable signal tubesReel and spool
Slate and backup slateCompass
Torch and Back-up torches (Trimix Diving, Wreck diving and cave diving courses)Hood - for Cave, Deep and Wreck Diving