The TDI Nitrox Course available at our Technical Diving Center in Phuket Thailand, is the entry-level certification course for recreational divers wishing to utilize enriched air Nitrox (EAN) as a breathing gas. The objective of this TDI NITROX COURSE is to train divers in the benefits, hazards and proper procedures for using Nitrox mixes from 22% to 40% Oxygen content.

During this course you will learn the difference between Air content and Nitrox content. You will learn how to analyze tanks with Oxygen mixes up to 40%.

There are many benefits using Nitrox. It extends bottom time but in shallower depths. The more O2 % in the mix the shallower the dive due to concerns with Oxygen Toxicity. With Air you can go to 30 meters and stay here for 20 minutes, with 32% it is 30 minutes and with 36% you will not be able to go to 30 meters but to a maximum depth of 28 meters but stay there around 40 minutes.

Student Prerequisites TDI Nitrox Course:

Minimum age: 15 years of age
Min certification/diver level: Open Water or current enrollment in Open Water Course
Min amount of dives: No diving is involved during this course
Course Duration: 1 day
System: n/a
What the course covers: After completing the Nitrox Diver course, the candidate can engage in Nitrox diving using mixes no richer than 40% oxygen.
Certification available through: TDI, SDI
Combination of courses: Nitrox and Advanced Nitrox or a combo of Nitrox with Nitrox gas blending course
What Can I do next: Advanced Nitrox, Sidemount, Solo Diver or Rebreather courses


Nitrox course TDI
Nitrox course TDI