The TDI Oxygen Service Technician course enables the candidate to engage in the preparation of scuba equipment dedicated for the use of Oxygen rich gasses.

In the TDI O2 Service Technician Course, you will expand upon the repair skills you have received from equipment manufacturer’s programs and learn the proper techniques and protocols of preparing scuba equipment for use with breathing gases other than air. The course covers topics such as

  • Oxygen compatible system components
  • Cleaning chemicals
  • Oxygen cleaning of cylinders valves and regulators

The TDI Equipment Service Technician manual brings you through the process in a logical way while your instructor takes you through the practical exercises, the manual also acts as great reference material.

A combination of the Gas blender course together with this course will make you the prefect employee for any dive center world-wide.

Student Prerequisites TDI Oxygen service technician Course:

Minimum age: 18 years
Min certification/diver level: Basic Nitrox Diver and TDI Nitrox Gas Blender and General Equipment Technician, and Employment at Scuba Related facility (refer to your Instructor for clarification)
Min amount of dives: n/a
Course Duration: 1 day
System: n/a



TDI Oxygen Service technician
TDI Oxygen Service technician
TDI Oxygen Service technician
TDI Oxygen Service technician
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