TDI Stage cave course

TDI Stage cave diver

Daniel is for the month of July our Tech Intern. This time he was doing his TDI Stage cave course.

During the TDI stage cave course, cave divers can push their comfort levels and haul up to 5 cylinders through restrictions, mud-holes and tropical rain forest.

Each course is customised to the goals and configuration of the participant; extended depth and time, extend the amount of bail out gas taken along with a CCR, or simply combining the Stage cave course with the cave DPV class and scooter the vast halls of song hong cave system.

This time…..Daniel took up the challenge to run the stage cave using sidemount and the combination of small caves passages. Precise tank rigging and positioning techniques are applied to make a perfectly clean cylinder setup as well as trailing and pushing of cylinders through restrictions. Claustrophobia is easily cured by following this course.

Klang and Spider Cave Thailand

TDI stage cave course
Course Stage Cave Diver diving cave

Klang Cave is in Ao Luk, down South of Thailand. This cave is a small lake with a large dry area where bridges are built so cavers can have a good look at the stalactites and Stalagmites. The cave is made of lime stone, like most of the caves in Thailand.

Klang cave is government-owned and to be able to go cave diving there one needs to get permission.

Spider Cave is in Ao Luk as well and is opposite of the road from Klang Cave. This is a granite cave with a pond with lots of water lilies.

In the High Season Jan – May these caves can be a little difficult to dive as the water will drop when there is no rain. Both caves do not have flow, clear fresh water and can be entered from the side.

DPV Cave Course

Cave course on DPV
DPV course

TDI DPV Cave Course Prerequisites: 

TDI Full Cave diver, or equivalent and a minimum of fifty (50) logged non-training cave dives

Course duration:

2 days, a minimum of three dives at two different sites and completion of a written examination (80% or greater required to pass).

The TDI DPV Cave Course available in Phuket, Thailand and conducted in Sra Keow or and Song Hong Lakes, is designed to give the trained cave diver the least knowledge and basic fundamentals of safely utilising diver propulsion vehicle (DPV) in the underwater cave environment. Safe techniques, procedures and skill perfection associated with the use of DPV’s in cave diving is emphasised. Cave conservation considerations, such as low-impact application, are stressed.

The Stage cave course can be easily combined with this Stage Cave Course.

TDI Stage Cave Diver Course Prerequisites:
Be a TDI Full Cave Diver or equivalent

Course duration: 

2 days, a minimum of three dives at two different sites and completion of a written examination (80% or greater required to pass).

TDI cave courses
TDI SM diver Course Stage Cave Diver
Daniel on Stage cave course