TDI Training
TDI Training

This week in technical diving…. It is the start of a whole month of tec diving internships in Indonesia as we welcomed both Julian and Xinwei for their TDI Advanced Nitrox and Decompression Procedures course. Julian and Xinwei are planning to complete several different trainings with Blue Label Diving instructors Hiro and Sandy, including sidemount, tec sidemount, equipment servicing workshops, and the basic level decompression diving courses.

Both Julian and Xinwei are taking these entry-level technical courses to improve their understanding about diving and make their dive plans safer. So far, they are both really impressed to find out that using more equipment underwater is not as difficult as it looks, and in fact it makes them feel like they have options to solve unexpected problems. Additionally, both students are discovering that proper dive planning can make a world of a difference – finding the right gas mixture for a certain depth, knowing exactly how much air will be used during the dive, and learning all the calculations a dive computer makes is really quite interesting for both Julian and Xinwei.

Although these students will eventually be diving to a depth of 45 meters for a bottom time of at least 20 minutes, it’s not all about going deep for the two of them. The proper dive procedures and gaining a bit of time underwater are the main goals for both Xinwei and Julian. Of course, that’s not to say they aren’t just a tad excited to see what lies hidden below 30 meters!

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TDI courses in Indonesia

In the month of July both Hiro and Sandy will be guiding recreational divers through several technical dive courses. A lot of the students journey will be documented so that we can share their first-hand experiences with you. They will be arriving here as normal recreational divers, but leaving as well-rounded technical divers. Stay tuned for a video of their progress and adventures in technical diving here in Bunaken Indonesia. If you are also interested in one of the TEC Diving Internships in Indonesia please CONTACT US

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