Tec Pool Try OutTec has been busy, TDI Gas blender, Tec try out in the pool, TDI Air Diluent CCR and we welcome Sonia for fun diving on her brand new JJ CCR.
Our PADI Divemaster trainees receive a tec try-out as part of their internship and during this session we show different configurations to go underwater. So our DMT Holger, Isabel and Instructor Luke got to try Twin-set, Sidemount, and Closed Circuit Rebreather. This is an important session for divemasters because they get to experience new things and later can provide better support to divers in these configurations. This also will help a divemaster to have the right knowledge and information to tell to other divers. Of course you don’t have to be a divemaster to try tec – you can still give it a go and gain more knowledge from us. It’s totally FREE so please join our next Tec Try-out!

Well done to Dom for completing his TDI Poseidon CCR course. He is an experienced Tec instructor so it’s a natural learning curve to enter into silent diving. Just like normal tec, he was also amazed by the new theory and concept of CCR diving. When you start to cross over to CCR diving one thing everybody finds weird is the buoyancy.  All your amazing buoyancy skills from open circuit go out the window and you start all over again. Remember to smile and enjoy the new challenge. Dom had just the right attitude to start the CCR diving so he has progressed quite quickly and he’s a happy certified CCR diver building up his hours on the Poseidon unit!Poseidon CCR course
Sonia from Australia is traveling around Indonesia for awhile and she brought her brand new JJ-CCR! 🙂 All the local dive guides were looking at her like the people from space… Her goal for this trip is to do as many CCR dives as possible to build more hours on the unit and make herself more comfortable diving on the JJ-CCR. So for now she starts her diving in Lembeh which is the perfect place to ease into diving and to enjoy all the small macro animals with out scaring them away! With her combo trip, she will come over to Bunaken this weekend to do more diving. It will be nice deep wall dives in current and conditions might be a bit more challenging but I’m sure she will have a great time with us.
Next week, we will welcome other CCR fun divers in Lembeh and start the next CCR course! Nice to see all the CCR divers out here. Happy Silent Diving 🙂 We will do regular Tec Try Outs in Bunaken.

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