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We had 2 awesome reviews from Jeff and Jan. They have just finished CCR Cave course with Ben. The wrote 2 Technical Diving Courses Thailand Review about their CCR Cave Course and CCR Cave Trimix courses in Thailand with us in June 2014. Thanks again!

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CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather 03
CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather 03

Professional instruction from one of the best

Blue Label Diving absolutely rates highest marks for both the quality of instruction and the administrative experience before, during, and after our courses. I will continue to learn with them as Ben’s teaching style is tailored well to an individuals’ style and abilities than a mass teaching one-size-fits-all approach. This organisation simply is professional and to the demanding standards of divers who take it seriously.

Excellent facilities, excellent equipment, great attitude, and all around professional with Simone’s handling of all details to get us ready for the courses. We received what we expected and their preparation of me for the course was just what was needed.

Well done Ben and Simone

Jeffrey would recommend Blue Label Diving to a friend

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JJ-CCR trimix cave (user) & sidemount (instructor) course

… so even as a JJ-CCR & technical diving instructor I decided to continue my education and signed up for the TDI CCR Trimix cave course. Word of mouth and the first hand experience recommendation of a good friend made me choose Ben, Blue Label, as the instructor.
After a brief chat at ADEX we sorted out the dates for the course.

closed circuit rebreather JJ
closed circuit rebreather JJ
JJ CCR Divers in Thailand
JJ CCR Divers in Thailand
CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather16
CCR Trimix Cave JJ Rebreather16
JJ CR Diver in Cave during course
JJ CCR Diver in Cave during course

Ben and Simone a really friendly, welcomed us at their shop/home where we ready the trip to the caves. The accommodation (on site at the caves in Khao Sok) is really basic, floating bamboo huts on the lake, which adds a lot to the adventure feeling of diving remote caves. No luxury, but all you need if your intention is the cave diving. The food served there is authentic Thai food, best I ever had… although you apparently could also order western breakfast etc.

Ben has a really well-developed schedule for teaching: classroom/theory in the morning and the diving in the afternoon. I don’t want to talk too much about the training dives as that might “steal” some of the surprises Ben has for you when it’s your turn doing the course with him.
Let’s say it like that: He will challenge you and make you understand the hazards of CCR trimix cave diving and how to minimize the risks & dealing with situations!

The second part of our trip lead us to close Song Hong where we stayed in a really nice accommodation, good food and wine… and of course good training dives a little bit deeper.

Ben is a knowledgable, calm & patient instructor, and always up for a silly joke/laughter.
His vast diving experience, his medical background, … made it possible to always have a good topic to discuss after the training. He’s that kind of guy that makes it easy and enjoyable to hang around the whole day!

Besides the side mount instructor training he also made it possible to have a “quick dip” in Sra Keow cave (where he did his 240m). So even after the CCR Trimix Cave marathon he was fancy doing a fun dive! I consider that dive as one of the top 5 I’ve ever done! Thanks again for that experience!!!

I learned a lot as a user, but also I will copy some things of him when I’m teaching my students! I’m really looking forward to go diving again with Ben! Either when I send him my friends & students for a course and join them, or latest once Ben has finished writing the CCR Cave 100m course for TDI!

Jan would recommend Blue Label Diving to a friend

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