Complete guide on Tec diving courses and training facilities in Phuket and Bangkok, Thailand | Let’s go diving!

Are you craving to dive deep inside the Truk Lagoon? Then, Tec diving is an answer. Technical diving is becoming one of the fastest growing sports in the world these days. Remember that technical diving can expose divers to significantly higher risks than recreational diving which includes permanent illness and even death. Hence, tech diving demands right training, extensive experience and also specialised equipment. We are here to make your journey an incredible one by getting you trained by our team of highly-qualified technical instructors.

Diving technical in Thailand
Technical Diving Courses in Thailand

At Blue Label Diving in Thailand, technical diving courses are designed to provide in-depth training compared to specialty diver course. We use a range of special techniques and equipment to extend the safe operational range and possibilities of the divers. We ensure provide you a high level of safety while diving under difficult conditions.

The tech diving courses that we offer in Thailand are well-designed to ensure your safety when you dive during penetration of wrecks. When you dive deeper, you might face situations where you cannot make a direct ascent to the surface and this may pose a great threat and paves way for new urgency to the problem. We teach techniques that help divers combat such situations. We train you on the usage of the illumination that you carry with you when you go beyond the reach of natural light. In addition, nitrox training is mandatory in the course.

If you have decided to expand your diving knowledge, we are here to provide you with the facilities that you require. As a part of our training facility, we will provide training under conditions that are similar to the diving expedition that you are planning for. We understand that Tec diving courses are logistically more difficult than sport diving courses. Therefore, we have more resources available and often make it possible to schedule a course that fits into your preferred time frame. We also promise to provide training that is catered more to your individual needs.

As technical diving is constantly evolving, the way people dived and the equipment they used have changed drastically over the last two decades. While keeping ourselves updated with technology, we have developed a way you can learn to dive reflecting the real-world technology. We facilitate your training venture with the latest equipment and procedures as we continuously strive to make your diving courses much more effective and enjoyable.