Herewith a review by Edward Chin
Ben, I really enjoyed your coaching. I also realised that you are able to take good photos in low vis full of sediments with only 1 strobe without much backscatter. I understand from Flip that the exam papers are being refined. I guessed we all have to go back to do the exams sometime.
I don’t have Benoit’s email , I would like to thank him for going through the cave courses with me.  Unfortunately I still have the cave workbook which I have yet to complete. An experience and very good instructor and I thoroughly enjoy spending time in the caves with him.  We had solid 3 days of bonding and he makes all French people seems somewhat nice people now. 🙂
Simone. You asked me whether I enjoyed my time in Phuket and diving in the caves and I couldn’t give you a clear answers then… but after getting back to Singapore, strangely I can now confidently say that it’s a BIG YES! It’s has been an amazing chaotic, out of the plan, dynamic trip… from city to somewhere in jungles of South Thailand which until now I have no clue where we were exactly, from boat to pick up truck, from wreck to caves, from being alone at those beautiful lakes to a boat packed full with recreational divers….. and yet all fall into place nicely at the end of it. Thank you for making things worked smoothly with all these changes. Otherwise it would have been a beer drinking trip for me to Rawai.
Best regards,
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