Triton CCR Courses and fun diving in Phuket.

Thailand Triton CCR courses
The Triton students prepping

A few weeks ago Jean-manuel and Anne in their early 60’s and Arthur and Agathe, in their early 20’s, showed up from France for their Trition CCR courses. Jean-Manuel and Anne were already certified Triton CCR divers all the way up to Triton CCR Cave Trimix level. 

This is a very interesting family as they all like tech diving. You don’t see this very often. All of them CMAS recreational divers and 3 of them even CMAS instructors. All Advanced Trimix Open Circuit divers and Full cave divers.

The first few week we took them out for their Triton CCR Courses on a private speedboat here in Phuket. Even-though it being low season the weather was absolutely prefect except for the first 2 days when the wind was a bit rough. Not one day of diving was wasted and the stamina of this group CCR divers was just amazing.

The triton CCR is a new sort of CCR for Sidemount diving. Its based on the Full Oxygen rebreathers the navy uses. The 

The TRITON, developed and made by M3S company, is a new concept of sport rebreather, opening up new horizons for tec-rec dive as for hardened tech divers or cave divers.

The TRITON breaks the current dogmas of what a  diving rebreather is by it’s three characteristics: it is small, light and chest mounted. Due to design The TRITON allows you to optimize all your dives from 0 to 100m.

Sidemount configuration Triton
Triton CCR Sidemount
Triton CCR rebreather skills
Triton skills circuit
Triton rebreather
Thailand ccr courses Triton
Perfect conditions for CCR courses
King Cruiser low season
CCR diving flat seas
perfect conditions 
CCR TDI Courses Triton
Stage Diluent tank skills
Triton CCR sidemount
Triton CCR fun divers 
Triton rebreather diving
Arthur and Agathe 
Trim on triton rebreather
Arthur in perfect trim
Coral reefs Phuket Triton
Triton students coral reef
King Cruiser Phuket 2017
King Cruiser wreck fish life
Fish life phuket 2017
Moray eels in Phuket
Diving Phuket in July 2017
Fish life in Phuket
Islands around Phuket
Phangna Bay