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TDI CCR Intro Cave Course

TDI CCR Intro Cave diver course is available in Phuket, Thailand, held in the South of Thailand.

This development program utilising closed circuit rebreathers, manual or electronic. This CCR Intro to Cave Diver Level directly builds upon the CCR Cavern Diver course. Basic cave dive planning, the practical execution of different types of cave systems and scenarios divers encounter are presented. This cave diving course is not intended to prepare divers for evaluating all facets of cave diving. Emphasis is placed upon dive planning and skill perfection through actual cave penetration.

This course is conducted over 2 full days (Cave level 2 CCR can also be combined with the CCR cavern and CCR full cave courses).

Location cave diving Thailand

The location for these courses in Thailand by Blue Label Diving is in the fresh water lake, 4 hours outside of Phuket, in a village called Thung Yai in the lake of Song Hong (2 rooms). Because it is far outside of Phuket or not close by any tourist locations, we include accommodation, Burilamplai, and food during the cave courses. 

The TDI Rebreather intro to cave course is never taught as a stand alone course but always combined with either an other CCR cave course or with a DPV cave course or with some fun cave diving afterwards. We recommend to spend a total amount of 5 to 6 days spend at this location. There are lines in the lake at 20, 40, 60 and 80 meters.

Student Prerequisites TDI CCR Intro Cave Diver 

UnitsMegalodon, JJ CCR, Inspiration CCR’s – Pathfinder, MKVI and Se7en, Revo, Kiss Side-winder and Side-Kick or the Triton CCR, T-Reb, SF-2
AgeBe a minimum age of eighteen (18)
Min Cert. levelShow proof of a minimum certification of TDI CCR MOD II air diluent decompression Diver or equivalent
Certified TDI CCR Cavern diver or equivalent
Min Cert. levelBe a minimum age of eighteen (18)
Intro to Cave diver or equivalent
Show proof of a minimum of Fifty (50) logged dives or hours or 30 dives on the specific unit 
When doing the CCR Intro to cave course, the TDI Overhead materials will be used as TDI does not have CCR CAVE materials
Mask + Back-up maskBCD (wing) and harness
Depth gauge/trimix computer Timing device and backup timing device
Appropriate exposure suitKnife/cutting device and backup
Two inflatable signal tubesReel and spool
Slate and backup slateCompass
1 Stage bailout / decompression Regulators with SPG (Nitrox clean)1 Stage bailout / Decompression cylinder with suitable rigging to mount to the diver with appropriate gas
Factory supplied Closed Circuit Rebreather unit specificStorage pockets
Torch and Back-up torches (Trimix Diving, Wreck diving and cave diving courses)Hood - for Cave, Deep and Wreck Diving
During a mixed gas course you will need more Stage regs


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